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Alpha Cooker Servicing

Alpha Cooker Servicing and Repairs / Maintenance available from RHW along with Service Contracts for your Alpha Range Cooker, Call 01909 532347

Alpha Cooker Servicing, Repairs and Maintenance

Alpha Cooker Servicing: Knowing your Alpha is durable, robust and will last for many years, it is also comforting to know that it is very efficient in its heat utilisation making it extremely cost effective. Above all – the cooking tastes better! Any meal cooked on the Alpha really does taste superior to food cooked in ordinary ovens. The Alpha preserves more of the food’s flavour and goodness. The Alpha is completely programmable and quickly reaches cooking temperature when required and can be switched off when you have finished cooking.

Alpha Cooker Servicing, Repairs and Maintenance Contracts

There are seven models available, a cooker only version, the others being cooker and boiler models with six boiler options depending on your domestic hot water and central heating requirements

With its Classic timeless lines and unrivalled efficiency, the Alpha will satisfy all you’re cooking and heating requirements with it’s truly remarkable blend of quality and efficiency. The Alpha is worthy of becoming the heart of your home, providing fully programmable central heating, domestic hot water and catering for all you’re cooking needs.

  • Alpha Cooker Repairs
  • Alpha Cooker Servicing
  • Alpha Cooker Maintenance Contracts
  • Contact RHW on 01909 532347

RHW offer the full Alph Cooker Service package – from initial site survey to installation, servicing and service contracts, spare parts and repairs – catering for all your Alpa Cooker / Alpha Range Cooker maintenance needs.

Alpha Cooker Servicing Gallery Image
Alpha Cooker Servicing Gallery Image
Alpha Cooker Servicing Gallery Image
Alpha Cooker Servicing Gallery Image
Alpha Cooker Servicing Gallery Image

Maintenance, Servicing and Repairs of your Alpha Cooker / Range Cooker

The need for maintenance Alpa Cooker Servicing. Without regular maintenance and Alpha cooker servicing your Alpha will become less efficient may finally fail completely.

PLEASE NOTE: RHW are only able to maintain and offer Alpha Cooker Servicing for customers that are based within these counties – Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and Staffordshire.

RHW will Offer to undertake scheduled Alpha cooker servicing / maintenance on all Alpha range cookers.

We currently operate Alpha cooker servicing contracts that covers the Alpha cooker for its annual service and breakdown, this contract offers peace of mind for customers knowing that their cooker will be repaired properly and the cost of repair will be covered by ourselves.

RHW operates a computerised auto reminder service for all Alpha Cookers in our Alpha Cooker Servicing scheme.

For more information / enquiries please contact RHW directly by telephoning us on 01909 532347

Service Contracts

Designed to give peace of mind for your central heating & cooking needs

If you are looking for a Range Cooker or would like your existing Range Cooker / Aga serviced to extend its working life then you are in the right place!