Range Cooker Repairs

RHW offer servicing and repairs on all makes of Agas and Range Cookers including Aga, Rayburn, Alpha, Stanley, Esse and Sandyford

Range Cooker Repairs and Servicing for Rayburn Range Cookers

Rayburn Cookers

Rayburn Range Cooker Repairs: A Rayburn Cooker is simple to use and as they are a combination of Rayburn and Aga traditions and experience they are reliable and have the classic design charisma to enhance any kitchen.

Range Cooker Repairs and Servicing for Stanley Range Cookers

Stanley Cookers

Stanley Range Cooker Repairs: Whichever Stanley Cooker model you choose you will soon realise that a Stanley Cooker really is different. You will find it more user friendly than most others with larger ovens and hotplate; a top oven and central heating system that has separate controls; and a double glazed door panel option to view cooking without heat loss….

Range Cooker Repairs and Servicing for Alpha Range Cookers

Alpha Cookers

Alpha Range Cooker Repairs: With its Classic timeless lines and unrivalled efficiency, the Alpha will satisfy all your cooking and heating requirements with its truly remarkable blend of quality and efficiency. The Alpha is worthy of becoming the heart of your home, providing fully programmable central heating, domestic hot water and catering for all your cooking needs

Range Cooker Repairs and Servicing for AGA Range Cookers

AGA & AGA Classic Special Edition

Aga Range Cooker Repairs: The Aga Classic Special Edition is styled to look just like an Aga would have done in the 1930s. Everything is almost as it was, from the lever control (non-operating – a modern Aga doesn’t need it) to the matching enamel hotplate covers and the period Aga badge.

Here at RHW we offer the full package of range cooker repairs and servicing. From an initial site survey to installation, servicing and service contracts, spare parts and range cooker repairs – catering for all your Aga and Range Cooker repairs / servicing and or maintenance needs. For more information, please select your make of range cooker from the below. Alternatively you can call us directly on 01909 532347 or click to Make an Enquiry.

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If you are looking for a Range Cooker or would like your existing Range Cooker / Aga serviced to extend its working life then you are in the right place!