Service Contracts

The Elite Range Service Plan / Cooker Service Contracts has been designed to give you peace of mind for all your central heating and cooking needs

Elite Range Cover (Cooker Service Contracts) may not stop difficulties manifesting themselves, but it will take away the worry of how much it will cost to repair.

Most families rely on their Range Cooker not only for central heating warmth and comfort but, just as importantly for hot water for baths, washing up, washing hair, all taken for granted. So it follows that when you do need it repaired you shouldn’t have to worry about how much it will cost, it’s more important to get it repaired properly. Your Range Cooker does have parts that may need replacing from time to time, even with regular servicing.

It makes it all the more important that you know the cost of replacing these important items is not a problem when it breaks down.

What’s included in the Elite Range Service Plan?

  • Fully trained & registered engineers.
  • Extensively stocked vans.
  • Priority call out to service plan customers for breakdown.
  • No limit to how many call outs within the service plan year.
  • Yearly annual service including serviceable parts.
  • Direct debit scheme to spread the cost over the year.
  • Aga Rayburn Guild member. Stanley / Alpha area service agent.
  • Oil Cooker Installer of the year regional winner 2004.
  • Service & commissioning technician of the year regional winner 2005.

If your cooker breaks down…

  • Contact RHW on 01909 532 347
  • The Service Engineer will diagnose the fault and repair your appliance.
  • The cost of the breakdown is covered by us, parts and labour.
  • On the Anniversary of your Service Plan, we will contact you to renew your service plan and service your appliance.
  • If a call out is deemed unnecessary a charge may be made.
  • Call out within 24 hours.

Price Guide for the Elite Range / Cooker Service Contracts

Rayburn Cooker

480 AG / Nouvelle / GD80
£370.00 PA / £33.00 PM

460 / 480 / 499K / MX / MXE / MK1 / MK2
£370.00 PA / £33.00 PM

Blown Gas
460 / 480 / 499G
£370.00 PA / £33.00 PM

Stanley Cooker

Single Oil & Gas
£350.00 PA / £31.00 PM

Twin Oil & Gas
£370.00 PA / £33.00 PM

Alpha Cooker

£370.00 PA / £33.00 PM

460 / 480 / 499K / MX / MXE / MK1 / MK2
£370.00 PA / £33.00 PM

Oil Boilers

£280.00 PA / £25.00 PM

Elite Range Service Plan Applications…

Please complete the Cooker Service Contracts with your details and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can

TITLE please select

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Type of Cooker / Boiler



Last Service Date

Good Working Order?

Serial Number

Preferred Method of Payment

Additional Information if required

On submitting the Service Plan Proposal Form I / We declare that to the best of my / our knowledge and belief, the above statements made by me / us or on behalf are true and complete and that I / we have not suppressed, misrepresented or mis-stated any material fact, and I / we agree to accept the terms and conditions as contained in the Service Plan.

Cooker Service Contracts Terms and Conditions

Understanding your Service Plan. Please read this Service Plan carefully and make sure that you fully understand and comply with its terms and conditions.

RHW will provide the service plan stated in the service plan schedule. Your proposal which includes the signed declaration and the undertaking to pay the premium, forms part of a contract. The service plan is designed to pay for the costs of mechanical and electrical breakdown as detailed in this service plan. The service plan does not pay for repair or replacement components which were faulty or had suffered a breakdown prior to when you purchased the service plan. RHW reserves the right to fit components manufactured by alternative suppliers to replace components which have suffered a breakdown.

Breakdown means the sudden and unforeseen failure of a covered component arising from any permanent mechanical or electrical defect causing sudden stoppage of its function, necessitating repair or replacement before normal operation can be resumed. Components means any component covered under this service plan.

Burner parts including nozzles, Fan flue assembly (not exhausto), Air flow sensing switches, All integral wiring, Boiler and oven thermostats, High limit stats, Burner controls, Programmer (twin series), Sensing tubes, Switches (integral), Oven plate, Printed circuit boards, Oil pump, Transformer, Photocell, Control box, Burner motor, Fan blade, Ignition leads, Ionisation leads, Blast tubes, Wicks and Thermo couples.

Replacing the cooker, Water jacket, The oil & gas supply, The secondary flue, Any water carrying pipework, Circulation pump and controls (external), Installation defects, Exhausto fan unit and Cosmetic.


We use our own trained and qualified staff in the installation & commissioning stages

All our Aga and Range Cooker maintenance and servicing is undertaken by our own staff – we are Oftec and Gas Safe Registered & are a member of the Rayburn Guild

Our range of products and services for Agas, Range Cookers, Boilers and Stoves is extensive

As well as the supply of new and reconditioned Aga and Range Cookers, we undertake programmed servicing and maintenance of all models from all the manufacturers